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Space Rentals

massage space rentalAre you ready to start seeing clients but don't have a space? You can rent our facility and have access to all the amenities. We offer several different pricing packages for your convenience.

If you have a steady client base, then get access to the offices, receptionists, and storage space for your supplies. If you are just getting started, look at our other convenient options.

Space Rental Prices

  • VIP Package (Admin Suites) $300 per month
  • Standard Package (School Side Suites) $200 per month.
  • Hourly Rental: $15 per hour (24-hour notice needed for space)

*Linens, towels, lotions, and music should all be provided by you.
*You are required to provide a copy of current liability insurance.
*The admin and school side renters packages allow 24/7 access (keyed position)
*$15 per hour is only available during office hours from 10-2

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Call us today to learn more about rental packages and what they include.





If you don't have all of the
equipment you need, contact us
for affordable rental rates.


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