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Admission Requirements

In order to attend our award winning massage therapy training and classes, you must be at least 18 years of age, and provide a copy of your High school Diploma or Equivalent for our records. You do not have a high school diploma or equivalent you will need to take an “Ability to Benefit” exam from the California Department of Education.

California Department of Education
1430 N Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
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Level 1 Programs

  • Level 1A Massage Therapy Practitioner Program 500 Hours
  • Level 1B Bodywork Professional Training Program 500 Hours
    (This program is for Post Level IA Graduates)
  • Level1C Marketing Program 50-100 Hours

Level 2 Programs

  • Contact us to learn more about applying for admission.

Student Services

Our Institution includes an Administration Office (for assistance with course enrollment and program communications) & Student Breakroom (with basic kitchen amenities and vending machine).  We also have a small, conservative library selection of resource books available for student reference (subjects include, but not limited to various massage techniques/modalities, health & wellness, anatomy & physiology, business/marketing, business ethics relating to massage and continued education, and a variety of medical dictionary’s & reference manuals). No other student services are offered by our school.
*** Our Institution DOES NOT offer job placement services, housing services or financial aid services.

Minimum requirements

There are minimum requirements for attending classes. Be sure that you meet these minimums or speak with our staff about what you need to do to qualify for admission. The intensive program will prepare you for employment in the field upon graduation.





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